o Take up hobby class : Sign up for an activity which you enjoy doing such as dancing, yoga, Djing, or gardending. This will help you to expand the existing horizon as well as keep the mind occupied.

o Wash vehicle : Try giving a wash to your vehicle, if applicable, as this will give you an amazing feeling.

o Clear Clutter: Clear the existing clutter in home by putting away things in the appropriate places as this will freshen up the room.

o Decorate room : Try adding fresh flowers or shifting furniture around the house that would bring in a new dimension.

o Travel : Get outside the room and travel to a place of your choice. It need not be very far as driving around town would help to expand your horizon.

o Meet Friends: On the way to town how about meeting up with friends with whom you have lost touch or are too busy to meet. Discussing old yet happy memories or meeting up for lunch and movie would do wonders.

o Cook new recipes : Bring out your inner chef by mixing and matching, chopping or grinding ingredients to make the recipe of your choice.

Well, these activities would surely get you started and bring in fresh perspective!